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Spanish courses offered year-round.
Start your Spanish immersion program anytime.
Design your own program with
diverse Spanish classes and schedules.

Toll-free: 1 (866) 230 6361 (in the USA)
Tel: +(506) 2280-1685, 2280-1739,

Fax: +(506) 2280-2548

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Our Spanish immersion programs are designed to meet the individual needs of each Spanish student.
The Costa Rican Language Academy is a Costa Rican owned and operated Spanish school,
ensuring an authentic experience, both in terms of language and culture.
We provide different options for you to make the most of your time and enjoy Costa Rica to the fullest extent.

At CRLA we believe students need to feel at ease and constantly be encouraged to gain the confidence to speak a foreign language. We are proud of the professional, warm and friendly staff at our school, that provides our students an opportunity to learn Spanish in a positive and inviting environment.



In Costa Rica call: +506- 2280-5834 In the USA call toll-free: 1 (866) 230-6361