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Written by Patrick Cornwell   
Wednesday, 14 March 2012

When you travel in Guanacaste, be sure to visit the Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste. There are a lot of great beaches in the Peninusla, and if you are in a Costa Rica surfing trip, you will find a lot of great surfing spots as Iíve done. But if you are planning a Costa Rica ecotours vacation, Guanacaste also has a lot to offer, from the northern beaches in the Gulf of Papagayo, to the southern paradises in the Nicoya Peninsula.

The greatest thing about the beaches in the southwest part of the Peninsula is that they are the most natural of all Guanacaste. Some of those beaches are remote and secluded and difficult to reach. For that reason, they are mostly uncrowded. Those places are great locations for your Costa Rica travel adventure.

The last beach that I visited was Caletas, just south of Coyote Beach. It is a secluded beach, perfect for those looking to relax and take a quiet sunbath, and suited for surfers looking for the strong swells that are typical of this part of the Pacific Coast.

Tides are high in Caletas, so I strongly recommend it for experienced surfers only. The weather is nice and cool due to the marine breeze in the shoreline, but be careful of rips and rocks. The beach is beautiful, with golden sand and clear, warm waters. An extra bonus is that Caletas is part of a natural reserve, and several species of turtles, among them the Leatherback turtle, come to the beach for the egg layoff every year. Chances are Caletas will become a national park in the near future.

Getting to Caletas isnít an easy task, since the roads leading to it are mostly dirt roads, unusable during the rainy season. Thatís why I recommend using a four-wheel drive vehicle and limit your visit during the dry season months, from December to April. You can even take a domestic flight from San Josť to the Punta Islita airstrip and drive from there. The nearest town is San Francisco de Coyote, 5 miles north, and you will find accommodation in Costa Rica hotels. Enjoy your stay at Caletas.

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