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Written by Patrick Cornwell   
Saturday, 05 May 2012

A gigantic "Plastic Wave" is built on the east side of the National Gymnasium in San Jose to remind Costa Ricans about the abuse of the plastic to the environment and encourage the distributors of soft drinks to promote the use of returnable glass that people have this option and minimize environmental damage.

People who buy costa rica vacation packages sometimes don’t realize the work the country makes in favor of the environment; these are just a few notable efforts.

The regional coordinator of Preserve Planet, the developer of the Beach Bottle campaign, Luis Diego Marín said that recycling plastic bottles is not enough, as these even are recovered for reuse; they become lower quality plastic that will last just as years to disintegrate.

The "Plastic Wave" is a work of art of criticism and complaint-driven organizations and Preserve Planet Plastic Pollution Coalition that was developed by the artist Francesco Bracci, who specializes in this kind of creation, dedicated to denouncing the bad habits that are practiced environmental worldwide. His art seeks to make a change in the mentality of the people, according to Luis Diego Marín said.

The work will be exhibited at the site for six weeks. Will be inaugurated on Tuesday May 8th at 10:00 am outside the National Gymnasium (East Side).

With its presence will seek leave a clear message in the minds of traveling there, that, although recycling is a sound practice, will never be enough, since this material practically flooded, like a life of Tsunami human beings, because they never get to be processed by 100%.

"There are millions of millions of plastic bottles that will be going around in the world for over 500 years. This is so serious that probably the first plastic item that was created in the world perhaps not yet been degraded in the environment", says Marin.

Visitors with all inclusive costa rica vacation plans will see "Plastic Wave" when they travel from the capital San Jose, to the Juan Santamaria Airport.

The "Plastic Wave" is a structure of about nine feet high by 14 meters wide, and be installed in this area is one of the highest vehicle traffic in the capital.

"By placing it in this strategic location, we will be able to call the attention of passersby on the serious problem of the excessive consumption that makes the company made with plastic materials, and the clear need to stop this practice, using friendly materials such as returnable glass and cloth bags", said Luis Diego Marin, regional coordinator of Preserve Planet.

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