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We would like to introduce these young talents, in recognition of their efforts, perseverance and achievements.

Federico Pilurzu

With his serious and aggressive style, he is the best-ranked Hispanic surfer in the WQS, currently placed at 95. Resident of Playa Langosta born on July 7th, 1983. He got on his first surfboard at the age of 11 and hasn't looked back since. His achievements are: National Junior Champion, National Champion 2001,4t in the Pan-American tournament in Peru 2006, two-time Central American Champion in 2006 and 2007, various tournaments in the ALAS Latin Tour. At 24, he is currently the most promising Hispanic talent.

Lisbeth Vindas

Lisbeth Vindas Costa Rica
Lisbeth Vindas
The six-time national champion from 2000 to 2006 was born on July 21st in 1981 in Jacó. She is the first woman in the country with such an outstanding record of titles. Anyone who knows her will tell you that she is a woman who gets what she wants. Her outwardly gentle appearance belies her aggression when it comes to winning. She began surfing at the age of 14 and since that moment her style and perseverance has allowed her to become the best female surfer in the country. Her achievements in tournaments are enviable: Fourth place at the Pan-American games 2086, two-time Central American champion 2006 and 2007, 13th place at the World Amateur, numerous dates on the Alas Latin Tour circuit and various dates of the WQS (World Qualifying Series).

Diego Naranjo

Born on the 10 of January, 1981 in Jacó, he began surfing at the age of nine without realizing that awaiting him was a sporting career full of success. At 26 he is the captain of the national selection. Naranjo has participated in 3 Pan-American Games, one Central American Junior championship, third place in the Central American 2005, has been in the ALAS Latin Tour and was national champion in 2007.

Luis Vindas

The younger brother of Lisbeth he is a goofy foot with a solid and aggressive style who is always trying out new aerial maneuvers. Born on October 23r 1986 in Jacó, with the beach as his back yard, this young man began surfing at the age of eight and now looks to be heading straight towards becoming the next top Latin American surfer. His big exploits belie his young age: third place in the junior category at the Pan American championship in Peru 2006, champion at the sixth date of the ALAS Latin Tour 2007, champion at the Triple Corona de Invierno in Costa Rica 2007.

Jason Torres

Jason Torres Costa Rica
Jason Torres
With his title of junior Pan-American champion 2006, this young talent hailing from Jaco possesses a solid style that puts him in the list of the best in the country. Born on the 3 of July, 1988 he began surfing at the age of nine, thanks to his teachers Diego Naranjo and Lisbeth Vindas. Who would have guessed that this teen with multicolored hair would be declared the first Tico ever to win gold at a Pan-American tournament. He has participated in: ALAS Latin American tour in Panama 2004, the World Junior Championship in Tahití 2004, the Pan-American games in Peru, the ALAS tour in Barbados 2006, and Central American championships in Costa Rica 2006 and Guatemala 2007. Resides coming in second place on the national tour in 2007, he also came in second place in the Central American in 2007.

Jairo Pérez

Short in stature but big in heart, Pérez has no fear when it comes to measuring up to those bigger than him. Jairo was born on July 5th, 1990 and began surfing waves at the age of nine. Whenever he picks up a board Jairo doesn't disappoint and always achieves what he sets out to get. His appearances in tournaments have been prolific, despite being only 17 years old. He has already participated in the World Junior championship in Tahiti 2005, The Pan-American games in Peru in 2006, the Central American championship in Costa Rica 2006 and Central American championship in Guatemala 2007 as well as various tournaments in California.
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