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Although relatively small in size, Costa Rica is extremely diverse in what it has to offer with over 15 different ecosystems. Whether it is the swamplands of the Tortuguero National Park (referred to as the "little Amazon"), the breathtaking ocean and jungle views found on the central and southern pacific coast or the drier climate of the northern Pacific region offering incredible scuba diving and surfing, this country truly is a hidden treasure waiting to be found.

One of the greatest advantages of visiting Costa Rica is that this country offers something for everyone. Those looking for a classic resort getaway will find world class resorts while those looking for that unique getaway off the beaten path will find the perfect spot that they have always dreamed of. Costa Rica has become famous for its world class surfing, record breaking sport fishing, exotic beaches, dense rain forests, exuberant flora and fauna and has proven to be a safe and exciting destination for travelers of all ages and interests.

Great fishing is to be had from the Osa Peninsula which is in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica and is bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and by the Golfo Dulce, the tenth deepest gulf in the world to the east. The climate is tropical with 4000 - 7000 mm of rain per year. Temperatures range from lows in the mid-eighties in the rainy season (September-November) to highs in the mid- to occasionally high-nineties in the dry season (December-April). Two thirds of the land area of the Osa Peninsula is taken up by the crown jewel of the Costa Rican Park System, Corcovado National Park, which contains the largest contiguous expanse of virgin rain forest in the western hemisphere north of the Amazon basin.

On the Atlantic side we have "Barra del Colorado" the second largest rainforest preserve in Central America. Wildlife in Barra del Colorado is abundant. Many species of mammals, reptiles and birds can be seen on a daily basis.

Booking a fishing trip with us!

Not only to we take care of all the details for a fishing trip of a lifetime, we can combine it with other activities such as river rafting, tree top canopy, canyonning , ATV tours, scuba diving or just sight seeing in the rainforest and jungle, seeing an active volcano or sit in the thermal waters of a hot springs, take a mud bath, get a massage and a full spa treatment. The good news is that we can set up everything for the non-fisher person to enjoy their vacation while you are out fishing.

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Did you know?

You can swim in Costa Rican waters all year round, the sea temperatures are always warm.

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