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While the city was still sleeping the countryside was awake...

A place with incredible creatures that calls the countryside home!, where families can enjoy nature and be part of it.

PANACA Costa RicaTouching a horse smaller than a coffee table and others over 7 feet high or maybe getting to know the “Watussi” the African sacred cows with the longest horns ever seen, this can be possible only at the wonderful world of PANACA.

The park offers a full day of entertainment and emotions where all generations can find in every corner a special place to discover the greatness of the countryside and its importance for the world.

A Natural Park that will be the pride and patrimony of Costa Rica and its people, and a wonderful legacy to share with people from all over the world.

Resting under the shadow of a gigantic tree, cropping a fruit and taste its sweetness, while they discover nature’s best.

Tasting the delicious costarican “Tapa de Dulce” just baked at the traditional sugar mill, located at the horse Station and getting to know all the secrets of the sugar cane products, also make part of the experiences that visitors can enjoy at PANACA.

Crossing the spectacular Machuca river over a hanging bridge and watching how kids enjoy riding the live-carrousel or the pony rides are also activities that visitors can enjoy at the park and discover why without the countryside there would be no city!

Park services & attractions (total capacity of the park 8.000 pax)

  • 7 Restaurants (1000 pax)
  • Catering service
  • Snacks and beverages (food court)
  • Souvenir shop
  • Photo shop
  • First aid
  • Information
  • Stroller rental
  • Personal guides
  • Rest areas
  • Restrooms
  • Disabled access
  • Lost & found
  • Dog daycare
  • Wheel chair rental
  • Pony rides
  • Live horse carrousel
  • Artisan village
  • Horse carriage rides
Visitors can discover and interact with the most complete collection of domestic animals and exotic breeds, be mesmerized with spectacular shows and enjoy an unforgettable experience at the 4 surprising worlds:
Cattle raising house
PANACA Costa RicaTo discover and learn about the different beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep and goat cattle, ovine of wool and meat, buffalo cattle breeds. Also, they will see exotic breeds never seen in Costa Rica and a great exhibition that will allow them to learn everything there is to know about the amazing world of cattle raising, while having lots of fun.
Pork House
Important to get to know the most complete sample of both pure and native Costa Rican races. Here, people can discover everything about the Raising and shepherding methods of Swinish.

Also, they will be able to enjoy the emblematic Pig track “El Chancho Veloz” and its funny pork breeds, where they will get to interact with the animals and to have a happy and fun time.
Dog House
A huge variety of breeds and canine specimens that will surprise them with its skills in a spectacular exhibition of training. The unique skills of these animals are always to the service of its best friend; the man.
Horse House
PANACA Costa RicaDiverse horse breeds, pure blood and spectacular Costa Rican Criollo horses.

Also, the Andaluz horses will dance at the music rhythm, and visitors will have fun with an exhibition of international cowboys show and native acrobatics.

At day or at night, PANACA is ideal to have fun, to leave the beauty of the farmland, and to live the beauty of the domestic animals!


The Natural Park of Husbandry Culture is the best scenario for companies to have their holiday events, anniversaries and conventions, Incentive Groups, families, individuals. It is a space, which is converted in a new alternative of distraction and entertainment for any organization that would like to surprise its employees and clients.
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